T_ODIO Live @ To Be Or...



sabato 14 novembre

T_ODIO Live @ To Be Or...
aperitivo cena dopocena

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Informazioni su TODIO OFFICIAL:
The Band was born in 1992 and after several changes of formation the first demo album arrives in 1996, self-produced, in 1997, in U.S.A. the band started making know itself in States with a song of the first album, in the compilation "The Sounds of Underground" produced by Rodell Records and in the meantime they travel in whole Italy around festival and live exibitions. In the December 1998 TODIO came back to Los Angeles California and recorded their second album "Dobermann" for the Statue Records. In 1999 the song "Deadly Sins" was published on "Rock e contaminazioni". For some years the band seem as lost, but finally in December 2006 return on the road!! in december 2007 the band takes a new direction .. This is more than a reborn and finally completely convinced of the new road never undertaken like today. the band is united as never before and strong of the own musical choices such as every element is fondamental part of a musical mechanism for the amalgam of the sound now absolutely recognizable and typical of them. today the band have a new album "Sixteen", in the new direction. more metal,more progressive, more crossover ever!!!horns up!!!... & stay tuned for more news and dates!!!

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To be or...

To be or...

Musica dal vivo e d’intrattenimento sono l’essenza del To be or… Locale centralissimo, a p


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